Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chuck on Moses...

I've recently been reading Charles Swindoll's book, Moses: A Man of Selfless Dedication. Speaking of the high calling of God on Moses, Swindoll pens these words:
"Why did he (Moses) resist? I am convinced in my heart that Moses wasn't hearing God correctly. Moses, I believe, thought God intended him to be the deliverer of Israel, and that blew all his circuit breakers.
But God didn't tell him that! God told him that he would be an instrument in the deliverance, but God Himself would be the deliverer. Huge difference. In God's calling, He has a plan; but He never expects you to carry out that plan. He's going to pull it off. He simply wants you to be the instrument of action."
While some thoughts Swindoll expresses in this work are subjective, I believe this is a great truth. Go back and look over the first 4 chapters of Exodus and watch as the great Moses resists the calling of God. To be sure, God could have chosen a more noble man than Moses (a murderer in Egypt). God could have chosen a great orator to lead his people. He could have chosen the latest and flashiest young preacher boy to pull off the Exodus.
But God chose to use Moses, a man of imperfections.
So, how about you and me? Fortunately, we can relate to Moses all too well. We resist the call of God to take leadership in our culture, community, and family because we think we have to pull all the "God-sized weight" ourselves. My friends, this is not so. God is calling us to lead, and He will provide all the power for us to do so.
So, what should our response be? Let's take the next step of faith to lead.

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