Monday, August 18, 2008

John Newton Challenge Kick-off...

Many of you may not yet know about the John Newton Challenge issued by Steve Wright of Providence Baptist in Raleigh. Basically, this is a challenge for all parents to return to their Biblical roles as leaders and imparters of truth to their children. It is a call back to Deuteronomy 6.
We kicked off the year last night with a parent meeting in which we issued the J.N.Challenge. The response was amazing. We had 51 families sign up to lead their families using this 52 week Bible reading plan. In less than 24 hours of offering the Challenge, I have already heard great stories from several families. One family went home last night after our parent meeting and started reading Psalm 1 right away. Others began this morning and discussed Psalm 1 on the way to school.
There is an excitement in the Middle School ministry about this challenge. If you'd like to know more about it, or are a youth pastor who is kicking off the challenge soon, please call 478.477.7251 (Ingleside Baptist Church, Macon GA) and I'd love to help you out.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Faith Like a Child

Lindsey and I are truly blessed with our children. Let me give you a glimpse into the Broome house. Each day, there are challenges just as every family faces. In general the day begins with Joshua eating his dry cereal and dumping most of them on the floor or couch (things disappear in our plush leather couches - that have been in my family for about 15 years). There's also the typical brother/sister showdown. The showdown usually begins with Anna Bell antagonizing her brother and ends with his physical response (pushing) followed by her desperate cry in effort to get him into trouble. Throughout the day there are multiple opportunities to see the evidence of the Fall of Humanity in the lives of our dear little ones.
In the grace of God there are other times. As mention previously, Joshua loves to say his Bible verses and recites them several times each day. He's now memorized Ephesians 6:1 and John 14:6. Each night as I tuck him in bed, he asks to say his verses. After saying them, he always ask to learn a new verse. We are teaching him one per week.
There are times with Anna Bell that she gets to play the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. For instance, while sitting down to a delicious meal prepared by Lindsey, things can be hectic. Making sure each child has milk, juice, water, ice, food, utensils, plates, trays, etc...can be interesting. We once finally sat down to eat and we'd bypassed a prayer over our meal. There we were, stuffing our faces with fine cuisine in similar fashion to the cookie monster chomping down his favorite snack. Then, when taking a breath from the gorging exercise, out of the corner of my eye sat little Anna Bell. She patiently sat there with her hands folded together, seemingly waiting for the most important part of the pre-meal custom that we'd forgotten about. As a family we stopped and prayed together and then Anna Bell finished the prayer with a hearty "Amen!" (I think that's what she said anyway - could've been "Oh my!").
So as we wait for the next child to come in December, we can only wonder what God will teach us through this new little life.
I have gotten interesting and diverse responses from folks when they hear the news of our next baby. I believe that children are a blessing from the Lord; and Lindsey and I are so blessed to be learners of these little ones. Hopefully we can teach them some things as well.