Monday, September 15, 2008

So Long...

Hi everyone -
I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. Let me give you the latest update on the Broome bunch. On Saturday afternoon, Lindsey sprained her ankle while painting the baby's nursery. She is on crutches and the ankle looks bad. I think what we've learned is that taking care of 2 little ones is much harder when you can't walk. Who knew?
The family is doing well here in Macon. Joshua and Anna Bell are growing up and have a good relationship. I can tell that Lindsey is doing an amazing job with the children. It has been such a blessing to have her stay at home. Granted, we would love to have an extra salary. Still, the exchange isn't worth the price to us. Life is good.
I am currently reading The Best Question Ever, by Andy Stanley. It has been great so far and is full of Godly wisdom about making decisions. Stanley argues that life would be much less regretable if we would only take the time to ask ourselves this great question (I don't want to give it away - check out the book). In truth, I feel that most of my terrible life decisions could have been avoided only if I would've listened to the Holy Spirit's prompting. The truth is that God knew that you and I would occasionally desire (ok, usually desire) to walk in darkness. We are sinful, you know, and our sinful desires are always at work against the guiding of the Spirit. I would ask you, my brother or sister, before committing that gross act of sin (or messing up as some might call it - although the Bible doesn't say that the wages of "messing up" is death - check Romans on this one), do you not willfully choose to do so? I know that there are sins of commission as these, and there are also sins of omission (not doing what you know you should have done).
Still, with sins of commission, you and I would do well to listen to the Holy Spirit. Each and every stinky sin-filled decision I've made since my salvation has been done knowing that God had a better choice for me. Sometimes the answer isn't to ask yourself the best question; it is to obey the Holy Spirit. God went through the effort to be with us and in us in this incredible part of the trinity - it seems that we should rely on His provision.
Having said that, this is still a good book and will be valuable for decisions in the future.
I hope that my next entry won't be so long awaited.

By the way, we are trying to decide on a name for Baby Broome. We want something biblical - not like Jethro or Judas - something with a more pleasant sound and background. Any suggestions?