Monday, April 28, 2008

Family worship - attempt #2

On this past Saturday night, the Broome family once again experienced a family worship time. We again sang "Shout to the Lord," Joshua's favorite. This time, Joshua sang with us in between strumming on my guitar and making sure that everyone had a beaded pillow to sit on (such a caring little child, isn't he?). We read Genesis, and explained that God had "separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so. God called the expanse heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day."

Ever tried to explain this to a 2 year old? It was interesting. We explained that God had made the sky on the second day, and Joshua and I pretended to be airplanes flying through the house. He loves airplanes, and so we used his passion to point to the Word.

Following up on the first worship time, Joshua now can tell you that God made light and dark on the first day. Isn't it amazing? I probably did not know that truth myself until I was 16 or 17 (I came to Christ as a teenager). My son already is memorizing the Scripture! What will God do with him? I pray that God will allow me to live to see His mighty plans for our family. When we are obedient to the Lord, we find that He is capable of doing more than we could ever conceive.

On another note, my wife is amazing. She prompted the family worship time on Saturday. She also sings beautifully and helps lead in the discipleship time. What a blessing from the Lord!


Joanna said...

Fred, this post is so encouraging and exciting! It is so good that yall are having family worship together even when Joshua and Anna Bell are so young!
--Joanna Williams

Jeff A. Spry said...

My friend,

Praise the Lord. My family (13, 11, 9, 6) also just recently started after being convicted by Voddie Baucham's book. What a revolution in our family.