Saturday, May 2, 2009

Best Saturday in a while...

What a great Saturday!
This was quite possibly the most action packed and most exciting Saturday we've had in a while. Here's a rough outline of our day:
1. Went to the park - ate lunch and flew a kite.
2. Went to Bass Pro - Joshua asked us to buy an awesome yellow boat! That's my boy!
3. Got home - Paw Paw came to the crib.
4. Went to a Strawberry Patch - picked strawberries, ate home made ice cream, saw lots of animals, thought the kids might get attacked by several animals they got way too close to - peacock, steer, rooster, etc.
5. Ate at Nu Way Weiners - it's a Macon thing...
It was a busy day! It was a great day. Thank you, Lord, for such an awesome family!
For pictures, check out Lindsey's blog at . She'll probably be posting some tomorrow.

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Tasha Via said...

I LOVE days like that!