Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Surprised about the election?

Hello everyone -
Most people are weighing in today on the election - the presidential election, that is. I would like to remind you about the truth of the recent events.
While many of us were surprised, shocked, in horror and agony, there is One who was not so caught off guard. Imagine the scene in the news coverage revealed that Obama has been declared President...God saying to the angels, "Man, I never saw that coming!" Of course, this is not how things went down.
Today, I cling to hope that I serve a God who never sleeps or turns away. I serve a God who is intimately all-knowing and who wasn't caught off guard in the slightest. My friends (sorry for the McCain reference), we need only to look to Scripture for our guidance.
Can you remember when the Hebrews became slaves in Egypt? Why did that happen? Because there came a new king in Egypt who did not know about Joseph and what he had done (read Exodus 1). He enslaved the people of God. BUT - what did God do? He was behind the scenes orchestrating the Exodus - the freeing of His people and their deliverance from slavery. This was a foreshadowing of the great deliverance that was to come in the Messiah. Now, talk about God being in control!
Can you just imagine the reaction of the Hebrews when the news came that a new king arrived who didn't remember Joseph? Man, they must have been in terror.
Now, I am certainly not comparing Obama to Pharoah. Please do not misinterpret me here. What I am saying is that God is in control of our world. Look at Hebrews 1 - "He upholds the world...".
So today, my brothers and sisters, God is at work. He is in control. I slept well last night because I know that God is sovereign and that He will receive the glory in the midst of this development.

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Sandy Broome said...

So well stated. I love this blog post! Keep speaking truth Fred--I'm proud of you!