Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Understanding Your Teenager?

On Sunday night, we held a parenting seminar called "Understanding Your Teenager." This was a conference for parents of teens and preteens, and the speaker was Wayne Rice. It was an incredible seminar for everyone involved.
Wayne gave our parents great instruction on how to not only understand, but how to lead students in the home. We saw over 150 parents attend this evening, which just shows once again that parents are looking for ideas and encouragement in leading their families.
For me, it was a great day to hang out with Wayne Rice. Of all the books written on Junior High ministry, Wayne's is still the best. It was great to spend time with Mr. Rice during the day on Sunday. I was struck by a few things about him:
1. He was humble. You'd never know from speaking with him that he'd written tons of books, co-founded Youth Specialties, taught lots of seminars, etc.
2. He cared about us. He wasn't just another speaker that performs and then prances to the dressing room - away from people and ministry opportunities. He stayed after the seminar to answer each parent's questions.
3. He spoke highly of his pastor. He attends David Jeremiah's church in California. He spoke very highly of Jeremiah.
Overall, it was a great day in the lives of our ministry.

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Sandy Broome said...

This is awesome, Fred!

AND...thank you to you and Lindsey for your gracious hospitality to Mardelle and for the loving way you have served her and opened your home. She has expressed her deepest gratitude and she raved about your church!

I know she will always appreciate the way ya'll have helped her during this difficult crisis. And so do I. Much love~