Monday, March 23, 2009

God is with you!!!

Recently, I was spending time with Joshua just before "dark nap time," or bed time - as most people know it as. I sat in his room and watched him run around and try to find any excuse of why he shouldn't go to sleep.
Then, he turned the light off and left the room. I asked him to come back and turn on the light because it was so dark. He returned, turned the light on, and pointed his finger in the air and said, "GOD IS WITH YOU!!!" And then he turned the light off again.
Now, I'm sure we've said this to him before. But really, when you consider what my 3 year old was saying, he is exactly right. Even in the darkest times, when it seems that there is no hope, God is with you. Thanks, Joshua, for the reminder!


the broomes said...

I'm so thankful for that little boy...:)

Sandy Broome said...

I love this. As they say, "out of the mouth of babes!" It was so awesome seeing your beautiful family last week. It's a shame we get that privilege so rarely, but what a thrill when we do! Love ya'll!