Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Family Time...

We are new at this whole notion of leading family worship times. Our times so far have been great, and we've been blessed by our children as they are learning the Word of God. You'd be surprised what Joshua can learn. Of course, we think he's probably a genius (as all parents think of their own children).
Let me explain where we've been in the process. We have tried with each family time to bring a visual aid to teach a core truth. For instance, we have tried to explain that God created the light by turning on the light switch. As you might imagine, one can eventually run out of great visuals for teaching. After speaking with our preschool director, I decided to begin writing a book about the subject. My thoughts were to come up with as many visual aids to teach Scripture and then give them to others as a resource.
Fortunately, someone has already beat me to it. After speaking with Dr. Rob Rienow, he referred me to FamTime.com for family times. I must tell you that this is a great resource for families who are attempting to teach their children. If you've never checked it out, it's worth your time. I hope you can use my findings to bless your home.


Tasha Via said...

I love it. Thanks. Yeah, ideas are hard to come by all the time. I think you should still write a book, though=)

Sandy Broome said...

Thanks for the kind words--and yes, Ava is Leslie, Jr. But I think her personality may be Steven, Jr. She is FULL blast when she's awake.

It was great hearing from you tonight. We really may drive out your way soon--we miss those Broome Babies! (and you and Lindsey, too!)

Have a wonderful vacation!

Jason Hand said...

Freddy, take a look at my blog and read my latest post and leave me a comment on your thoughts