Monday, June 9, 2008

FUGE 2008...

Our student ministry enjoyed an incredible summer camp last week in Mississippi. The Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers from Ingleside participated in Centrifuge and Missionfuge camps at Mississippi College.
As with every camp, there were some hilarious moments. I performed in Dance Dance Revolution on stage at the morning show - and won. Admittingly, I had no idea what I was doing. Our high school pastor rapped about the sheep and the goats...pretty awesome!
God worked in amazing ways at Fuge. We had students accept Christ, and others declare a desire to be baptized.
Outside of these decisions, perhaps the highlight of the week was Wednesday night. Our students were challenged to share with the group those things that are standing between them and God. Our middle schoolers began sharing with one another deep struggles and sins that are effecting their spiritual lives. After a time of sharing, they began to pray for one another. What an amazing night! For the first time since we've been here (about 8 months), our students weren't divided by age, grade, gender, or school. They weren't divided by popularity or status. They finally realized that they are the body of Christ collectively. They became a youth Ministry. What I witnessed in our church group time was the work of God on the lives of those who are willing to obey the Scripture and to confess sin, pray together, and encourage one another.
Unfortunately in the church today, not many moments like these occur. We'd rather paint on a happy face and build walls of defense around our hurts and pain. If we'd only obey passages like James 5:16, the modern church would be different. Thank you students for obeying the Word and for being willing to let God mold you and knit you together. Thank you, God, for demonstrating great patience with Your people.

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